Lunch with Mother nature

A nice cool sunny Saturday in autumn...

We decided to head outside for lunch. It was really nice to be embraced by Mother nature again.

It was an enjoyable simple lunch. 'Quiche of lamb' made by yours truely for the very first time. It tasted very good, Greek style, I suppose.

After this meal, the cold wind descended upon us and it was freezing cold and we thought we have ended our days of cold freezing weather...
Back to my dim sum class

Last week there was no lesson and I was like suffering from 'cold turkey' but managed to get my 'dose' from making my own 'bao'. Sorry, no pictures, all eaten up...they were pork-ribs!

This week, it was back to class and we made the Chinese version of the Japanese mochi and mini (ba chang) rice dumplings. Horray, I finally learned how to warp a ba chang!

I like this size, small and easy to eat

"Ye zi jiu" - coconut balls but it tasted just like mochi.