From a nine year old….

excerpts from a blog written by a nine year old boy. Notice that he doesn't just write about one topic only.

"Many children want to be rich and famous when they grow up. I do, too. But many of them want to be lazy. I am not one of them. I think that if someone wants to be famous, they have to put some effort into it. For example, musicians make music and so, they become famous. They probably practiced a lot. Of course, at the end, like when they are older, the momentum will carry them on, but their fame will fade away. Even accidental fame takes same effort, right? Well, I shouldn't look too much of children. Humans were born with great ambition anyway."

Philosophical (Those who aspires to be rich and famous, remember..."No free lunch")

"When I was thinking of the differences between The United States and Panama, I saw that there were many differences in electricity throughout different countries.
  • Light Switches
Personally, I think that the US style switch would be better because that if you lean on the European one, you would turn the lights off.
  • Voltage
Voltages are always different in different countries. They should all agree one one voltage shape, meaning that you could go anywhere, knowing that every electronic you have works. This would take time and money, but sometimes sacrifices are made, right?
  • Plug shape
This is always a big problem when traveling. I do not understand why governments do not agree to such simple things.
These things are always problems when traveling and moving. I hope they change it immediately."

Scientific (I completely agree with him!)

"Last week my teacher told us to retake a math test. I have been thinking about it for a while. I realise that a test must be a test. We should have just left it there with low grades. A test is for you to see how good you are at that subject. But if you retake the test, you probably already know what the answers are, and the mistakes you need to fix to get good grades. That would mean if you got a 56% on the first test, you probably got, maybe, a 95%. Yes teachers, you are trying to help us. But no teachers, students should face up to their mistakes."

Human behaviour (So much truth. Teachers, I hope you are reading this)

Many times there are some rival companies that sell or make things. Of course, in movies, they are usually a street across for convenience. But usually they might be on different streets, maybe on the other side of town. If they are factories, then they should let the company make a little less but a little better. Some people would wonder whether they should have quantity but with no quality, or vice versa. I say they should have quality with less quantity. Then people would trust your company and sponsor and buy from it, and that money will be used to make more, so you will have quantity and quality. If they were selling a product, they should sell it cheap, but, of course, not too cheap. Then people would buy a lot of the product. If you only have a few, sell it at a medium price. If you only have one, sell it at a high price(Of course, this has to be really valuable.).

Economics (Always remember the average Joes and Janes)

You must be wondering which elite school is he from. Let me tell you, none at all. He is a Singaporean on the move. He has travelled together with his family. Where his dad's job leads them, that will be home. What really amazes me (not sure about you) is his ability to think so widely on various life's issues. Bearing in mind always that he is only nine years old. (He turns 10 end of the year).  If at this age, he can think so deeply and maturely, imagine the kind of contributions he can make towards society in future. By the way, he is also a great musician. He plays the piano, violin beautifully. Perhaps, being a musician makes him think a lot. BUT, I also have many friends who are musician yet do not think like that.

Really, is education just about getting into top schools, gifted programme, integrated programme, straight As…herein lies a potential local top talent! Now, who still needs foreign talent?

If you haven't had enough of his writings, you can go to his blog

Being an educated person means you have access to optimal states of mind regardless of the situation you are in. ~ Don Berg