Going 'home'

Five weeks, seemed like a long time but all have come and gone just like that. It has been so GREAT knowing that family members are all doing well. Kids are sad but told them we will be back in another seven months and this time…for good. Phew! I told the spouse that I have no more stamina to do such trips any more and please let the company know. *Wink*

Final shot in that lovely, cosy house. An environment which made us pause and think about people who just live simply but happily. BIG thanks to Mr and Mrs Lim.
Came with five, returning with six

Heading back to foster home. The seven months will pass extremely fast as Kai is preparing for his iPSLE and we will be preparing for repatriation and I will be so busy throwing away, giving away and packing away things!
Heading home soon

Five weeks have come and almost gone…so fast, just too fast.
Enough vitamins and books to last another seven to eight months.

Tomorrow, we will be doing more packing. Going down to the laundromat to do a one off HUGE laundry, then more packing. Having the final lunch with a good friend, then off to buy fixtures for the renovation then dinner with family…

Going to be another busy day.
Reunion Dinner

Our very first reunion dinner, buffet style. It is the most ideal. You picked the food you like and sit there and eat and chat then eat again then chat again….. Reunion is a time for bonding.
The family – father, mother, yours truly, sister, first nephew, the son, second nephew, the daughter, the spouse,  BIL, brother, future SIL (pray) and uncle!

I just have to shoot these very big, fat, juicy fresh oysters!