A little girl with a BIG heart

It has been quite chilly the past few days as the Sun has gone into hiding.  It has been drizzling every now and then. Familiar cold wind brushed on the skin. I packed Ann's jacket into her school bag and reminded her to wear it in school when the need arises.

She came out after school and the first thing I did was to ask her if she put on her jacket as it was really cold…

Me : Did you wear your jacket today? It was really cold.
Ann : Yes but I lend it to E because she was cold and asked me to let her wear.
Me : (My heart melted) So were you cold?
Ann : Just a little while only lah. When E was not cold anymore, she returned it to me. (Hopping and skipping away)

Am I raising a little Florence Nightingale?
The beginning of a new day
I can safely say that scenes like these can only be found in Singapore.

Barely seven in the morning and most kids are already at school or on the way to school for those who live near their schools.
What is great about returning home…
No matter how good life maybe over at the other side, there is one thing which it will never have…the company of families and good old friends. Some of these friends we have known for more than three decades. Yes, amazing. We started beings friends when we were still in our Secondary 1 uniform. Then moved on to pre-university, then the boys went to the army, some went to the university. Followed by marriage, babies, …..the next stage will be seeing our kids getting married.

With the kids, with the adults. No, we were not at Billy Bombers, we were at someone's home.

This boy with the specky… a future Math professor!
Happy 18th wedding anniversary
Yes, another year has gone by, 18 years ago, on this day, I thee wed. We spend a wonderful evening with a happy and humble family over a simple meal. Nothing matters more than a meal with good friends.

"Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work." ~Author Unknown