One man's junk is another man's treasure

We walked the alleys of Shanghai (not modern Shanghai) and found these…
NOT a replica. See that red logo on your right hand side? That's the red flag which the CCP has been using it for decades

The dialing ring is made of copper. Cool isn't it.

Old Shanghai two seater. Very beautiful and very well-kept. No tear at all. The seller told us that it was used in an office reception area. That probably explained why it was in a great condition.

Glass lamp shades. So love the vintage look. The spouse washed and scrubbed them faithfully.

All these for my new house! How much did I pay for them? Shhhhhh. The search continues….
This is a great Tab

Remember the spouse bought this for my birthday last year. It is so useful. With this, I don't have to print out recipes (save the trees) and I don't have to lug my HP laptop to the kitchen. With a tap on the Tab, my recipes appear!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Who needs the apple? *Wink*