Baby teeth no more

My unusual collections

The bottle on your left contains Ann's baby teeth. So far, she has lost top two and bottom two. Yes, it is that time of her life. Teething period. Adult teeth replacing all her baby teeth. In fact, I must comment that Ann kept her teeth in perfect condition. Since she turned three, her twice a year visit to the dentist has been very faithful. The bottle on your right, of course, contains Kai's baby teeth. As you can see, he has almost replaced all his baby teeth. He will be turning 11 in two months time, it is about time to lose them all. My baby who kept me awake both day and night, will soon become a teenager.

Oh yes, both bottles even have records on which day their first tooth dropped off!

Told you, I am a sentimental freak. I have even framed up their baby booties, I have kept their dried up, wrinkled umbilical cord stump with the date recording when it fell off!

With each tooth falling off comes a fresh new wrinkle!
No, I wasn't dreaming...
I have this habit of looking out of my window once I get out of bed in the morning. Yes, even in Singapore, I love to do it. Looking at the early morning heartland activities is something which not many of us have the chance to enjoy.

This morning, as usual, I woke up and looked out of my window.
Was I dreaming? Was I back in Macungie, PA?

This was what greeted me this morning? This is Shanghai!

The amazing thing about the Chinese is that, come rain, sun, snow or hail, their activities go on. I remember when I was in USA, during the winter months, there were no bikers or cyclists. The town was almost empty

That's a whole lot of snow in a city which hardly see snow

Kids were dismissed early today and the school will be closed tomorrow due to the bad weather. Yes, it was bad. The car almost crashed onto a van in front as the road was too slippery...all so familiar...
Snowing again
It is snowing outside again. Rare, extremely rare in Shanghai. It baffled even the locals here. It is going to be one bitter cold winter and for how long? Your guess is as good as mine. Lots of rivers have frozen up!