Snowing…no more flurry-ing

For the very last time…(I will enjoy them while I can)
Big flakes of snow were falling and so did the temperature…

Nice healthy pot of hot soup for the sub-zero weather
So much to cook but so few mouths to eat…

Got this Christmas gift from a very good friend, loads and loads of wonderful recipes I want to try…I need more mouths to eat them cos' my mama said that it is bad to waste food.

So interesting to be able to refer to the book at the same time watching it.
So spoilt

Not the kids but yours truly!

During the Chinese New Year, a very good friend of ours fed us with Stilton cheese instead of the usual pineapple tarts. It was heavenly when ate with the baguette. My taste for cheese moved a notch higher after tasting his Stilton cheese. When I cam back, I saw them selling at an import goods supermarket and of course, I must have it. But with great disappointment, it just didn't taste that good.

This small slice, S$9.90 and not so nice. It has a not very nice after taste. *Thumbs down*
Banana Chocolate Cake

Another wonderful recipe shared by fellow mama. It was supposed to be chocolate banana squares. I tweaked mine because I wanted to cut down on the washing of utensils. I poured out the banana batter first then mixed the remaining batter with cocoa powder and poured the second layer. Whichever comes first, doesn't really matter.

Feed them well

Why do mothers not provide healthy home cooked meals to the family even when they are home most of the time? Especially in this part of the world where food scare is plentiful.

Maybe a lack of understanding that feeding children is not just about filling up their empty tummies. It is also about feeding their tiny bones, muscles, blood vessels, brain cells and everything that is required to help the body function. It is not about now, it is about building a healthy body which will last them for decades.

Kai came home with an interesting book. 'The Miracle of Water'. He is supposed to read it and do a power point presentation during the Monday assembly. The book is about positive words beget positive reactions. This author did a series of experiment on water crystals. He pasted words, positive and negative words in containers filled with water and when frozen, they became water crystals. Those with positive words attached, the water crystal has beautiful shapes. Those with negative words…. not very nice of course.

I noticed these two pictures in the book with the respective words attached to them….
How interesting. Even water crystals react well to home cooking!