To walk out of the house, I must always make sure that I am neat, presentable and comfortable. It has always been a rule in my life….it need not be luxurious, it need not be glamorous and above all, it must not be an over-kill!

Once a while I will ask the kids "does mummy look ok?" Yesterday, I did the same thing and Kai gave me one of the darnest  sentences a kid can ever give to his mum….

"You're radiating an aura of momliness"
My first corn bread

I baked my first corn bread. Not too bad for a first-timer. Of course, those from Cracker Barrel were much better.
Very pleased with myself.  Another healthy bread for the family.
Mama proudly presents…

The boys (two sons of a good friend) first did their Lego motion picture. I showed it to Kai and Ann and it inspired them to embark on something similar. During their vacation art lesson, there was a field trip to an animation studio, with all these new ideas flooding their little minds, there must be an avenue to release their energy.  They started on this project together. It was fun for them and us. They wanted to record their dialogue. The kids asked the spouse and I to keep very quiet while they work in the study room. It was fun listening to their speeches and shouting and laughing…the little moments of the joy of parenthood.
They first started creating a scene and took pictures of them. A total of 300 plus altogether, here are some of them.
The whole set-up


Using instructions from e-how they created their first "motion picture".

Mama proudly presents…
Kai and Ann first collaboration

Sometimes, long summer vacation is good. It gives them time to work on things which they never have the time to do during school days. For kids back home, the mid-year and year-end holidays are great time to try this out. (They did some thing special to their names, see if you can spot them)
Now they know that a one-second advertisement involves days of hard work!

p/s: they decided to delete their voices because they think the music is much 'cooler'.
Jitters everywhere

With the down grade of the US economy, stock market went south. I am sure there are anxieties and worries everywhere but…

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. (Ps 91:7)

Well, it may be a blessing in disguise. To those who have been waiting to buy the first house, your dream may just be within reach. The trend in the past has been…with the fall of the stock market, the next market to slide will be the property market. Will see…
The brother and sister at work

Two more weeks before summer vacation ends. How you can channel their energy is to allow space for creativity. Sometimes it may mean mess in the house but really, it is better than having them play with the tech gizmos. Yesterday, the brother and sister were busy working on this…

Using recycled materials, they created a robot on their remote-control car.  That little box is for them to transport stuff. Example, Ann asked if I needed my specky? She will then placed them in that box and remote-control it to me. Hahaha, so cute! The name of this creation is junk-bot!

Kids do the darnest thing!
Furano Cheese

Bought this wonderful cheese from Furano, Hokkaido. The taste is very light and pleasant. Goes wonderfully well with those mini toast

Make a good light lunch. Wheat mini toast with Furano cheese
Today is National Day
9 August, our National Day. Non event here, it is just me and the two kids…don't like it, suppose to be a celebration for independence...

Happy National Day to all at home! Home is still where I belong.