Make kueh

I am never into kueh making. I think it involves too much work, too much time. I am one who must do it now and see the result. Cake making is much easier. Measure all the ingredients, throw them into my beloved mixer -  A KitchenAid  Artisan bought by the spouse. (It has faithfully followed me from the US to Singapore to Shanghai….) and viola, out comes homebaked cakes.

A good friend bought me The Wesley Methodist 125th Anniversary book. It was a great idea to compile all the heirloom recipes to commemorate this special occasion. I saw a recipe for a nonya kueh  and decided to have a go at it. It turned out very well but I believe with freshly squeezed coconut milk, it would have turned out almost perfect.

I fully understand why homecooked meals are always the best. Likewise for homemade cakes and kuehs. Just can't do the short-cut way. 

I think I am slowly morphing into a very versatile baker. The good old traditional cuisine should never be lost to modernization. Perhaps, I will do my own cookbook. Sorry kids, no diamonds as heirloom but just a cookbook.
Ann says…

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