It's about Kai...again
Last Friday, I spoke to his English language teacher and she told me that the last test which the students took was exceptionally difficult. It was a 'no study' test and Kai did very well. His score was top of his class. She told me his English was exception and in the future, she will be giving him more challenging papers.

Of course, as a mum, I feel proud of my son's achievements and knowing that giving up my career to be a full-time mum for my kids was a right decision. It was because I didn't have to work, I had the time to bring him to the library every week to expose him to all kinds of books and reading to him. However, I also have my worries that if we return home, will the school back home that focus so much on completing syllabus, fails to notice his gifting in his language. As his mum, I have a responsibility to help him excel in what he is good at. If only they have a specialised language school. A school which helps kids who are good in their language to excel even further.
Back to school
I went back to my dim sum class to learn how to make the su-style mooncake. What is su-style? It is like the famous Crown Prince hotel's yam mooncake. Very flaky and very delicious!

Red bean paste, lotus paste and minced pork fillings. The savoury mooncake was my first. I have never come across this type of mooncake but it was really yum-mo!
Dh loved it!

While there, I got to know a young baker. Pretty enterprising. His cakes are custom-made and he conducts cake-making classes. So, look-out for the new Shanghai mama's new hobby - cake making!
Singapore Shanghai mamas
Having been here for a year, finally.....I found my fellow mama friends. All are trailing spouses from Singapore.

We had a gathering for a first-time mama's baby's 1st month celebration (phew, that's a mouthful!)
and we attended a baking class together.