Melting away…
Has been HOT, HOT, HOT

First day of school…
Kai and Ann were back in school for the immersion programme. I wasn't worried about Kai cos' he had spent one year studying in Grade 1 in Henry Park, three months in Grade 2, four months in Grade 3. So nomadic. I was really anxious for Ann cos, she has NEVER stepped into a Singapore primary school. Would the bigger class size be daunting for her, bigger school compound too much for her to handle….jitters, jitters, jitters

All ready for school, one in the morning session, one in the afternoon session.

Daunting…even for me

Like brother, like sister, both are readers. Ann with one of her funny actions. She loves school.

Ann really surprised me. She was even a buddy to a Grade 1 girl. The girl didn't have packed food with her, she didn't have money with her so Ann bought her chicken rice. She helped her to place the order, paid for it and carried the food to the table or the little girl before going off to buy her own food. So sweet.
Q-ing to buy food for the Grade 1 girl, bringing her food for her while the girl followed behind. Like big sister or not?

Off to buy her own food.

I was very proud of her.She displayed one of the values which I have been instilling in both of them…always have a big heart!
Yes, we all survived the first day of school. PRAISE THE LORD…Yipeeee!
Nostalgic moments

Have you eaten such cakes before? These were the cakes which I used to look forward to eating them when I was a kid.

The very place where I walked some decades ago. So glad that I was able to bring my kids down mama's memory lanes.