Final 'loot' before heading home

Yes, we were at Bras Basah Complex buying books again. This is our second trip there. The first lot of books have all been read and now buying to bring back home. Thank God for second-hand bookstores. We bought a total of 37 books for S$38.00!
This is why Singapore is still very safe

A Malay wedding is about to take place at where we are staying and I saw something really beautiful being set up at the open function hall.

Look at those chandeliers and plastic chairs beautifully done up.

These decorations were put on Wednesday night. Today is Friday. They have been left unattended for the past two nights and nothing has been stolen, nothing has been destroyed. If these were to be done up at my foster country, everything would have been gone by now.

I must say that Singaporeans are really a bunch of good people. They maybe selfish, self-centered at times, their values and morals are still pretty high when it comes to respecting each other and each other's culture. Such behaviour is taught by their own families and past down by their own families. Please, no party should take credit for that!

Came back at the right time, the hottest topic in town now is the debate on the Ministerial Salary Review. Words like 'passion' and 'sacrifice' kept surfacing. One party kept on talking about sacrifice and another party talked about passion.

To me, a person who praised himself as having made great sacrifices with his left hand and receiving millions with his right hand didn't really understand the meaning of 'sacrifice'.
Interestingly, last weekend, I read an article in the papers…
A single mum sold her private apartment in Katong so that she could send her son to London to do his ballet studies.  THIS, I call passion and sacrifice.

In today's society, it is selling souls to earn money to buy the most coveted house and not giving up the house to allow the pursuit of passion. Not many parents would allow their kids to do what they love. Tell me honestly, how many kids love to go for numerous tuition, unnecessary enrichment classes….
The spouse was just telling me that his ex-colleague was having a tough time with his kid. He wanted his child to do engineering but the child's interest is in animation. In the end, the child relented. After the first year, he insisted on going back to animation, thus, wasting his one year in engineering.

I wish both mum and son the best in their pursuit.
Still can make good friend

Read this…

I have known her for a long time in a mama forum. She is really a great friend. When I first relocated to USA. I was at PA, she was in Texas but we were connected. She was always encouraging, listening and helping. We kept in touch for the past many years, staying strong for each other as 'relocated mums'. Even the kids knew each other.

We finally met…
Yes, our friendship was started and built up in the cyber world. Amazing!
People often say that as one gets older, it is harder to make good friends. Proven not true.
You can see, extremely difficult to get all the kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time.
What have we been up to….

After the kids have ended their immersion programme, we have been busy with going for lunch and dinner dates. Some days were packed to capacity but really, when you have been away for so long, meeting friends is such a joy.

Friends and food never fail

Wine appreciation…not for me. I didn't know wine also need filtering.

View from friend's place. Beautiful. Extremely rare sight in Singapore

We also managed to squeeze time out to do some little things such as…
The Terry Fox Run at East Coast with sister and family

Ann is definitely an animal lover. The latest addition to the family, 8 year-old Saffie. My sister adopted her, if not, she will be put to sleep.

Visited the Queenstown Library. A favourite hang-out place for the kids and mama when we were in Singapore…yea, down memory lane. (Try spotting Ann)

Saw a dance performance at the Esplanade! It was great energy.

Saw Narnia, The Exhibition. At the same time, visited The Shoppe at Marina Sands. Most likely to be a once-in-a-blue-moon place for us.

A friend brought us to this wonderful milkshake cafe. It is a small place which served fabulous ice-cream and milkshake. It is near the Tg Pagar MRT station, remember the old Traffic police station. Yeap, it's there!

Our 5 weeks home leave is almost coming to an end. Tomorrow, will be meeting a long time friend….meeting for the very first time. *Wink*