Happy Mother’s Day


Ann made these bunch of flowers and card for me on Mother’s Day. As for Kai…boys being boys, he thought Mother’s Day is on the 15th of May. Haiz…Mother’s Day or not, I am forever a mum.

Driving in Shanghai

Yes, our definition of driving in Shanghai. This is a four-seater trishaw.

No, we will never attempt to drive here. Traffic condition is just too stressful for us. Just last week, on the highway, we saw three separate accidents happened in just one straight road.
Time flies...
Days, months, years seem to fly away musch faster as we age. Dh celebrated his brithday recently and we had a simple celebration at home with a party of four!

Chocolated banana cake with melted dark chocolate coating. Finally dusted with coco powder. Sinfully good. From where? Of course, Shirley's kitchen

Forever family.

The joke of that day was there were candles but they could not be lighted up. We didn't have any match sticks or lighter. No one smoke in the family and the stove runs on electricity (Bwahahaha)
Beware...mum's bragging
This was the International Friendship Day. Kai was one of the host and he also shared about his best friend back in Singapore. Well, you can say I am bragging and yes, I admit I am bragging. Would any mum not brag if her child has been outstanding in his performance? Asians must break away from the 'cannot-praise-my-child' syndrome. I believe we should always give credit when due...no matter who they are.

Among the boys, he was the most eloquent speaker. I was very proud when the teacher beside me commented that he is a very confident speaker.

My constant nagging, "speak up, pronounce your words clearly, don't mumble..." pays off. It is good to nag alot sometimes *wink*
School event
I always look forward to the Annual School Project Fair. It is the time of the year where the students, from pre-school to grade 6, showcase their projects. Here are some of them...

Making use of recycled materials. Mother nature will be pleased to see these

We have glue stick,now a new invention, butter stick. I personally love this very much. I actually think it is a very sellable idea

Slide made from styrofoam and they even had a volcano park

This is Ann's project. This little cute bumble bee was done by her. Yes, all by herself. I am a very strong advocator of "your work, do it yourself". Parents must learn to let their kids do their own work. It is very sad to see near perfect work of parents displayed as student's work

Kai's class was pretty enterprising. Making use of the large crowd to raise funds for the Japanese who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Good to think out of the box!