Ann, upset

This chirpy, free spirit little princess is rarely upset. She is so chirpy that she doesn't walk, she skips, she dances, she hops all around the house. That explains the numerous scars and blue-blacks on her legs. Today, she came home really upset. Well, according to pastor Joseph Prince, "Parenting with Grace". He said that don't be too quick to offer solution and kind words. Let the child release.

That's exactly what I did. I just let her talk it all out. It was a small issue but to her, it was a big issue… Her Chinese teacher has rearranged the sitting position. So every child now has their own individual seat, no  partner beside them. Ann was super upset. She wanted her good friend to be right beside and not one seat away…hahaha, so cute (of course, cannot tell her that). After she was done pouring her heart out, sobbing, wiping her tears and mucus (一把鼻涕,一把眼泪), I went on to explain to her.

Close friends, best friends need not be right beside us all the time. We will soon be heading home and we have to leave friends behind. Once a best friend always a best friend, no matter where we go, no matter where we are. 
Kai in action…

Kai Shia gave a very interesting presentation on "The Miracle of Water" at our Monday Assembly. His pictures and information were amazing . . . ask your students about it! He gleaned his information from a book about how positive and negative words affect how water crystals are formed. He then went on to wage a compelling argument that if words can affect the formation of water crystals so greatly, think how positive and negative words can affect us, as people!! After all, we are made up of 70% water!! Kai did an amazing job of getting us to think about how important it is to have a positive attitude in life. Hats off to Kai!

(Credit : Text and photos from SSIS Newsletter Issue No. 24 16 March 2012)

He is indeed growing up. Taking on extra task on top of his heavy work load - daily homework, iPSLE and an entry test. (He even took up worship leading this week for the Sunday School). He has such a positive energy. He took them all in his stride and I try to do my part by not giving him extra stress … more yummy home-cooked meal. *wink*
Inspired by a throw down

Saw Throwdown with  Bobby Flay on the Food Network channel. This time it was the 'pineapple upside down cake' throwdown. I was inspired to bake one myself.
Beautiful cake, so delicious. I cut down on the sugar a whole lot to make it healthier. Instead of cherries, I changed it to cranberries....YUM-MO! I shall try an apple upside down cake the next time.