Probably my last bake…

…for the spouse to bring to his colleagues. They were lamenting that they would no longer have yummy bakes from me.

Pandan chiffon cake. Very happy indeed with the result.
The next junior master chef?

This time, it's Ann learning from the master chef…I was only the audience
Baker in training

Watch, listen and learn. All ready…Ready, set…BAKE

Whisk the eggs and pour in the flour in parts

Whisk some more... all ready for the baking tray. This is how you oil the tray

Piped the batter into the tray and all ready to go into the oven

Yummy cranberry cakes. Hot from the oven. After letting them cool, coat with sinful melted chocolate

Oooo, yummy chocolate. I bake, I eat. Finally into the bag. Ann is superb in tying a ribbon!

I think Ann is very natural with baking equipments. A very confident baker, not afraid to dirty her hands. Good job, my princess. Nothing is better than a piece of cake, handmade by yourself. *Wink*