My little miracle, the little stall holder
This day, my little princess decided to run a games stall. She did up the whole thing herself. From the props to the games to the running of the stall…

Do I need to explain?

The owner and her games

Prizes to be won…all handmade by Ann, the princess

This is the distinct similarity between Kai and Ann. They are very imaginative and creative. They can come up with anything from nothing. I pray that this characteristic of them will help them to survive the harsh reality of life when they grow up. It is only when you are able to see something out of nothing, you are ready for all sorts of challenges.
My little miracle is now my little ballerina
Since the day Ann participated in the year-end school concert, I have been asked by teachers and parents if Ann had any formal dance training. No, Ann has never had any dance training. She is quite a handful and all we ever did for her is to send her for pottery class which she loves very much. When they knew that Ann has no dance training, the Head of the Primary School Division came and me that I should consider sending her for formal training because she seems to be a natural dancer.
I was indeed proud of my little girl but at the same time, I  didn’t want to plunge her into something which she may not enjoy. I spend sometime observing her and found that not only does she enjoy dancing but she also enjoys musical. So I decided that I should really give her a try.
I started looking for the right dance school since last year but somehow, just couldn’t find one. They are either too far or the teacher does not speak English. Ann speaks Chinese but she is more comfortable with English. Finally, the long search ended.
I brought her for two trial classes. One was for the hip-hop dance class, the other was for the ballet class. I was expecting her to chose the hip-hop class as she is such an active girl. She surprised me by choosing the ballet class. Of course, I am very happy with her choice!

DSCN2168  DSCN2172RSCN2174
There…my little ballerina

Erm…hello, my little princess, it’s ballet and not monkey’s bar
(see what I mean when I say she can be a handful)
Sport’s Day – Kai’s
I always make it a point to be there for the kids’ school activity  especially those which they are involved.
There I was at Kai’s Sport’s Day. I couldn’t believe that he has grown so much. Really, I will one day be the dwarf in the family with all these towering figures…

Part of the crowd and the marching in

Waiting for his turn…off he went

Look at those L-O-N-G legs of his…am I not a dwarf beside him when he turns 21!

Prize giving – with the help of those long legs, he received a silver

You know what was most exciting about the Sport’s Day…the mother of all events…The teachers vs parents relay (bravo, bravo…)
As there were insufficient parents, I decided to take part to help make the numbers for the parents. Those of you who have known me long enough, you would know that I was the athletic type… almost three decades ago. To participate in a Sport’s Day was history. But you know something (ahem), I could still balance the bean bag on my head without once dropping it. In the end, the parents won…hands down. Bwahahaha

My gold medal – three decades later
Blogger’s biggest nightmare
If you have noticed any difference in my current posting, that was because my old blogging software collapsed on me. YES!!! After all the writings and inserting of photographs and saving it, it went kaput. Dead. Blank. Arrrgh…. I have since changed my blogging software to Windows Live Writer. I hope it will make me happy for a long time.