Yes, it is possible!

Many have asked if it is possible to do a free and easy travel to Japan. Yes, it is! With such friendly and helpful people, an efficient transportation system, safe environment…it is a breeze.This latest trip was our fourth trip to Japan and we have done all four, the free and easy way. Be it big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto or the smaller prefecture in Shizuoka, we have done it free and easy.  Actually, all our trips overseas have been free and easy. We felt that was the best way to see a country.
Few things which you must take note…

Carry bags and luggages that are easy to handle. This will help you to get up and down the train easily

Look for the English button when buying train tickets, have small change ready. Even if you do not have, it is ok. The machine accepts big notes just that you have to carry lots of heavy coins in your pocket when the change is returned from the machine.

Tickets come in various forms. Just remember to keep them well and do not lose them. In some trains, there is a little pocket for you to keep your ticket.

Taking the bus is also a breeze in Japan. I think they have a great system, better than ours. In Japan, you get up the bus from the back (the opposite from ours). You pick up a ticket which show which bus stop you got up. The number on the ticket shows the bus stop number. There is a screen in front of the bus which shows the fare which you have to pay when you are alighting…

Looking at this table, let say you got up at bus stop 2. Now the bus has travelled to bus stop 7 and you will be alighting here. Just look at the bus stop where you got up, if you got up at bus stop 2, you have to pay 320yen, if you got up at bus stop 5, you have to pay 180yen. As you alight from the front, you slot the money into a box placed just beside the driver. That's the way, use the service, then you pay. You don't have to worry if you have been overcharged or you have underpaid. The driver need not keep track of which passenger has underpaid too. Cool isn't it?

Sometimes, having alternative system is good. Keep oneself moulded in the same system only meant, no change and when there is no change, there is no growth. No top dollar but still top talent here!

This little book has been with us since 2008. We use it when the situation calls for it. Example, we need to order cooked food for the kids. Other than occasion like that, you don't really need it. The Japanese are more than willing to offer their help. Always, print a copy of the location of your hotel in Japanese. During our trip to Osaka, we showed the location of our hotel to a passer-by. She made use of the GPS in her handphone and walked with us all the way to the front of the hotel.

So, my friends…pack your bags and head to the land of graciousness…Bon Voyage!