It is here and there…every now and then
Perhaps, it will be wise to have some evacuation plans. Just like what my brother did when he was in Japan during the Mar 11 crisis.
What a wonderful number, 45!

Yours truly is now 45! I have never had any issue with revealing my age. There is a saying "never ask a woman about her age." To me, that is so pas·sé . Out of fashion. Few weeks back, I had a conversation with a Chinese lady at the compound. We were talking about life and I revealed that I would be turning 45 soon. Her reply,  "开什么玩笑!" I took it as a compliment.

When you have reached this stage, birthdays are often just spent with your family and loved ones.  This year, the special day fell on a weekday, so  it was just I, me and myself. It was a good time to be at peace with oneself.

The day kicked off with, as usual, breakfast with the spouse and sending the kids to school. After which, it was time at the gym. Perhaps, the secret to stay young *wink*. Then it was home…baking with Jacky Cheung. Yes, baking my own birthday cake with Jacky singing in the background. Some may think it is pathetic. To me, that's therapeutic…pure joy.

Ingredients : frozen durian from Malaysia. Durian puree + whip cream + heavy cream…sinful? But I just came back from the gym *smile*

Intense coffee and rich cocoa powder

Lady fingers, not the veg but some kind of sponge sticks and Baker's bitter sweet chocolate…heavenly

Durian tiramisu birthday cake. Hehehe...

Pure indulgence!

The day time….(sing it) All by myself….When night fell….
Isn't it pure joy to have some silence and sanity in the morning?

Well, actually the birthday dinner was held two days earlier at my favourite restaurant
A Spanish restaurant along the Bund. It is a pretty pricey place so the family only come for special occasion. Pricey but money well-spent. In a country where food scare is a way of life, paying premium for premium food is every cent well-spent. Food is good, ambience fantastic, service impeccable. What else do you want?

Nice right? The best thing is that they welcome kids. This is something which SG fine dinning restaurant must learn from them.

Enjoying their dessert. Passion fruit sorbert for him and vanilla ice-cream for her. Verdict – Ann said, "this is what I call, a real ice-cream". Homemade ice-cream from the restaurant, no brand.

Stroll along the Bund ... By the way, the lights in the background…they are not always turned on. It was turned on to celebrate my birthday. Believe?

Birthday present from the spouse. Samsung Galaxy Tab hand-carried from SG to here. Useful for scribbling all my daily notes and weekly sermons. Reading up on my latest news, "chatting" with my mama friends... But before I can do all that, I must first learn how to use it. Anyone out there has a Guide for Dummies, please leave a line.

See, it has ChannelNews Asia apps. My favourite Jamie O as the wall paper. That's about all that I could to with this tech gizmo.

Birthday greeting from the son. A treasure hunt, in search of my birthday gift from the daughter.

A treasure box of all her handy works. So sweet.

me in younger daysDSC05429
Then….Now. I can still remember vividly, dressing up and getting ready for that studio shot with my sister. Cute or not? Happiness is having wonderful memories.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,  I know that full well. (Ps 139 :13,14)

我 的 肺 腑 是 你 所 造 的 ; 我 在 母 腹 中 , 你 已 覆 庇 我 。
我 要 称 谢 你 , 因 我 受 造 , 奇 妙 可 畏 ; 你 的 作 为 奇 妙 , 这 是 我 心 深 知 道 的 。(詩 篇 139 : 13, 14)
Poef or Berk?

I am feeling disgusted…
I bought them from a reputable supermarket. The packaging said it was BEEF. Came home, felt them, smell them…yes, they were beef. The moment I cooked them, they became these

Do they look like beef to you?

Then I remembered reading these some time back…

An additive that lends pork the taste and appearance of beef has turned up in Shanghai after media exposed restaurants in Hefei, Anhui Province, using it. The beef extract additive is sold in Shanghai and used in restaurants to make fake beef, local media reported. Cooking raw pork for about 90 minutes with the additive gives the meat a beefy flavour. A 500-gram bottle of the beef extract sells for 20 yuan ($3) and is enough to flavour about 25 kilograms of pork. Pork is about half the price of beef, which means potential savings of over 1,000 yuan per 25 kilograms of meat if the substance is used. The additive is widely used to give instant noodles a beefier flavour, Fang Youzong with Advisory Committee of Shanghai Food and Drug Administration, told the Global Times.(The Global Times)

Of course I threw them away.

I am glad that I have been feeding my family with more homecooked meals than outside food. Kai is extremely sensitive to food taste. He will definitely be able to tell the difference but Ann, she is very much a foodie and an adventurous one too.  I really have to educate her more. The school cooks their own lunch and they do have beef every now and then. Pray, pray, pray!

What do you call such hybrid? Poef or Berk?

"For the love of money is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6:10)
贪 财 是 万 恶 之 根 。 有 人 贪 恋 钱 财 , 就 被 引 诱 离 了 真 道 , 用 许 多 愁 苦 把 自 己 刺 透 了 。(提 摩 太 前 書 6:10)