Looking after the overlooked

The overlooked are often forgotten. I agree that there is just so much we can do to help them but I also think that if everyone can do just so much, it will become that much we can do to look after the overlooked. The cure for the common life involves loving the overlooked. "If you think you are too important to help someone in need, you are only fooling yourself. You are really a nobody" (Gal 6:3)

Perhaps, that's the reason why they lost convincingly.

Really…so much to do you know

It just dawned on me that the kids' final-year examinations is just five days away. It will be Ann's very first examination. I have to teach her so that she will have no fear for it. Yet still disciplined enough to do what is needed. This being her first, I have to help her to see that exams isn't the only reason for her to study. It isn't a monster waiting to devour her. So far, she has been pretty cool about it. That's good. I want to start it right for her. I don't want her to live a life of stress. I surely do not want her to fear exams. I have been telling her that as long as she has done her part, come what may and she will still overcome it. 

I believe most children have no stress nor fear. Often these factors are caused by parents, teachers and the environment. Two days ago, she had a mock exams in class. She came home and said that it was like a worksheet. Yes, that's exactly what exams is all about – a worksheet.

Kai has been very disciplined with his revision, that's good. He has a few laps to go – SA2, DSA and iPSLE. Sometimes, I wonder if I have given him too much but looking at him, he is pretty relax. SA2 is something he has to go through. He has long accepted that as part and parcel of school life. DSA, he requested for it. How can I deny him?  iPSLE, he knows he has to do it to put a closure to his primary school education. It is a great exposure and experience to a major exams.

Then there is a farewell party coming up. The spouse and I feel that it is good to have one to wrap up their time here in SH and also good to have some fun and relaxing time with their friends and teachers.

Packing to be done as mentioned earlier. I am just so glad that I started last year. Renovation work will be starting soon for our home, yes, our very own home. Last but not least, a joyous occasion waiting to take place back home.

Thank God for all the blessings. Truly, when He gives, He gives abundantly above all that I can hold!
So much to do…

Haven't been updating my blog cos' I was once again busy following the political scene back home. It was such a nail-biting election. I was nervous, I was anxious until the spouse thought I have gone wacky. It was an important one because it did not just represent one area, it represented  a voice to speak, a desire to be heard.  At the end of the day, victory went to the one who mattered most.