Mephibosheth -- who?
All my years of reading the Bible, I have never come across this character - Mephibosheth. Who was he?
It takes little Ann, a five, coming to six years old little child to tell me who was Mephibosheth. He was Jonathan's son and grandson of King Saul.

Everyone is a teacher. Everyday is a learning process. There is no end to learning.
Intense heat
We are now slowly moving into autumn or rather, we are already into autumn but there were days when it was really hot. I mean HOT, intense heat, skin-burning heat. Well, according to the locals, if summer was hot (42 deg C), then winter will be very cold. Brrrrr.....

We will settle one season at a time. While the heat was on, I made this cooling dessert...

Lotus seed soup with lily bulb and white fugus - served chilled
Melting tender beef-shin stew
Having two kids in primary school is stressful. Having to coach them in their studies is no easy task. Thankfully, Kai is a very independent student except when it comes to his Chinese. He needs extra help from me. Ann, having just started her P1, will need extra attention. Math is no longer just 1 + 1, it is all about the new Math.

She has sat for her first Math test and did really well. This week will be her first English test and next week will be her second Math test.....I have told dh that time is already moving very fast and it seems like with the new school term, time is moving much faster. I longer sleep but just wink and the week is gone.

With stress comes therapy. Ahhh, my stress-buster!

Jamie Oliver has always been my favourite celebrity chef. His recipes have always been easy to follow and also produced excellent results. I was at a foreign language bookstore, and saw Jamie O's book - Cook with Jamie, selling at SGD35. I thought it was a good deal because in Shanghai, foreign books and magazines are very expensive. as they are considered imported goods. You won't believe this - Her World cost SGD20 (RMB100). So when I saw the Jamie's cookbook at such a good price, i wasted no buying and cooking!

Nice comfort food for a stressed out soul. Not bragging ok, but it was the best stew I have ever cooked!