He gave up!

Kai was actually very excited about going back to his SG school. He was looking forward to meeting his friends and even contributing what he has learned to the class. He had packed all his worksheets and workbooks to bring back with him.

School term is kind of different in both countries. In SH, school term starts from August to June while in SG, it is from January to November.

That meant, Kai has already finished his P4 when he went back to his SG school. I knew he would be bored to 'redo' everything again and have, many times, asked him if he really wanted to go back to school and again and again, he said a very firm 'yes'.

Finally, the day came and he was back at school. Very excited and anxious to meet his friends and teachers again but after one week, he gave up.

He was bored listening to everything he has already done and soon, became restless. Started fiddling with his pens and pencils. His teacher told him he was a disturbance to the class. Haiz....

By the fourth day, his excitment turned into boredom and he told me, he didn't want to go back to school anymore.

Apart from having knowledge, a little wisdom could have made Kai and the class more interesting. I would have involved him by getting him to teach the class, to share his knowledge with the class...it would have been fun. Sometimes, EQ is just as important.

孩子学校放署假, 我带他们回家。老大很开心,因为又能和他的好朋友一起玩。可是现实和他所盼望的是不一样的。