International Friendship Day

I was helping out at the school International Friendship Day. There were traditional games from various countries and parents, teachers and students all dressed in their respective country's costume on that day. I was dressed in a Punjabi suit. Sorry, no picture, completely forgotten all about it. I was so busy.

Together with another mother from Singapore, we managed the 'guti guti' and 'five stones' stall. Remember? My memory is still pretty good on how to play 'five stones'. It was a great day.

Ann and Kai in their Japanese costumes which they bought when we went to Hokkaido

Children in various coustumes

Nice or not?

Very international indeed

Battle of the 'kuti kuti'

Teachers and students trying out the 'five stones'. It brought back fond memories to the Singapore teachers

Little girl from Japan doing the traditional Japanese dance

Teacher from Greece singing “the moon represent my heart" 月亮代表我的心. Her Chinese - two thumbs up!

If you look at the surrounding, we are not exactly situated in a glamorous expat area but the spirit of the school make this place very glam indeed.

The mamas did a Rasa Sayang dance, an Indian dance and a Japanese dance. Mums rock! No, yours truly can only do Zumba. *Grin*
Never give up

Kai came to me and ask me how to read a Chinese character. The word was wen (温). A conversation started..

me : you don't know wen xi (温习)(revision) meh?
ds : I don't know, really don't know
me : that means revision
ds : Orrr
me : ok, tell me how you say revision in Chinese
ds : fu xi (复习)
me : woa….

When Kai first came here, he was a Chinese borderline case. Can't speak, can't write Chinese fluently. Three years later, he is an above average Chinese student. Higher Chinese, not normal Chinese.  I thank the teachers' hard work, his very patient and heaven-sent Chinese tutor and above all, Kai's hard work and discipline.
Kai and his 'me' moment

This kind of moment gives him the greatest pleasure.  A cup of milk, some chips and his book. That's heavenly for him.
Coconut cheese cake

Everything must have a first time. Remember my cheese cake done earlier and I switched to using mascarpone. This time, I tried doing one with the dried coconut flakes. It was great!

Always try, you never know what you will get