Have been squeezing my brain juice, cracking my brain, analysing what is the best choice for Kai.

Logistically speaking, iPSLE is not the way to go. Travelling time to the exam center will take one hour on a normal day. If it is a jammed up day, it will most likely take more than one hour but less than two hours. If it is a not-moving-at-all day, it can take eternity to reach there. Yes, traffic conditions can be that bad here. It is a big risk to take. The advantage of taking the iPSLE is that Kai can approach the school of his choice personally, have a face-to-face interview and convinced that he is worthy to be part of the school.

Of course, taking the PSLE means that the traffic conditions are no longer an issue. It will be battle it out with everyone and may the best wins. I am quietly confident of Kai being able to produce good results. He is there and with his Higher Chinese training, I think Normal Chinese should not pose as a huge obstacle. But I am not telling him just in case he falls into the trap of complacency. He only knows that he is good but others are better. *wink*

PSLE or iPSLE? Actually, does it really matter at all. Hmmmm…..
Ondeh Ondeh

What is ondeh ondeh?
"Easy sweet potato balls with sweet filling for tea time. Serve while it is still hot and the sweet filling will ooze out as you bite into it." - All recipe. The sweet filling is palm sugar.
Why this colour?

I didn't use any colouring and pandan leaves are prized leaves, if I can do without them, then I will do without them. Grated coconut is unheard of, I have to make do with dried coconut.  Really, nothing in life is too difficult. These are desserts which I take for granted when living in SG. Hop down to the nearest market and I can satisfy my cravings. Over here, everything is 'Made in Shirley's Kitchen'! A fellow mama commented that I can now open my own cafe. Yeap…selling quiche, durian puffs and nonya kueh…what a combination!




This Labour Day, I hope to bless 12 ladies from low income families who have the desire and interest to bake but cannot afford to go for any kind of classes. Its not always about the profit I would make from them. But more to see the smiles on their faces and the joy they give me as an inspiration for me to carry on teaching. So tomorrow comes, I put aside my chef uniform and join the ladies in laughter and smiles to bake donuts and fill it up with love and lots of it. Happy a Blessed Labour Day 2012..!


周末时,在这里是没什么好做的。我们就去狂书店。书店里,90% 都是华文书。我看到这本非常可爱的书。封面的吸引力超强,我只好把它买下了。