Last day

29th July 2009, I landed in Shanghai and this became home. The thought of having to stay here for the next three years was indeed daunting. I can honestly tell you that this is not an easy place to settle down easily. 29th August 2012, exactly three years and one month, I say goodbye to this place.
When friends here know that we were heading home, some have asked "why so fast?". Some have asked "why go back?" I say, "why not?" Friends who were passing by drop by and visited us. Friends who were on business trip, visited and one friend made this comment, "you are wiser now." Yes, indeed. If there is any good which came out from this nomadic life, it is an increase in wisdom.
Thanks for travelling with me, thanks for reading. My writing will not end here, it will continue…

For the very last time…

The kids and I went for our baking class…one last time before we say "farewell, Shanghai".
Master cheflings – the kids doing their brownies

Ann helping me with my carrot cake. I have thought that carrot cake is a very difficult cake to make but in reality, it isn't.

That's it for now.  My baking and cooking journey in Shanghai will end here. Rest assured, my culinary journey will never end. There will be no destination, just a never ending journey of discoveries…"to infinity and beyond"

Ann, an animal lover

The past weeks have been filled with endless farewell lunches and dinners. Just yesterday, we were invited for another farewell lunch. This time, a very English lunch. Roast beef, potatoes and bread pudding. Apart from good food, great company, the family has a beautiful, black silky Labrador. She is a big dog. When standing on twos, she is taller than Ann. This little tough cookie has no fear at all. She is indeed a natural with animals. The spouse is seriously thinking of letting her have a pet. However, I always believe that animals must have the freedom to roam freely…so, we'll see.
ann and bessie