I was away on vacation with my family when an sms was received. An old friend has just passed away. He was an old friend not because he was old in age, in fact, he was probably only in his late 50s or early 60s. We have known him in church since our teenage years. He was the kind of person, either you loved him very much or you don't. To me, he was a very passionate man, his words, his tone of voice were always sharp but was never rude or intimidating. So, you see, sometimes one could be extremely honest and direct but without hurting. In my life, I have seen and heard and read some words coming out from one's mouth that were honestly rude. "Ya, I am like that, so you can't take it, it's too bad!" Usually, for such person, it is best to keep the distance to keep the relationship *wink*

Let's just call this old friend of ours Mr C. The night before his death, Mr C spent some five hours over dinner, encouraging a friend  who was diagnosed with cancer. While encouraging his friend, he made the comment that if it was time for him to go, he would. After dinner, Mr C went home, and had a heart attack in the bath and he passed on. It was just like that, a snap of a finger, life came to an end.

Yes, I am all for speaking the truth, I am all for honest confrontation.....without being rude. Really, do you have to always put others down with your words, do you always must have the last say, do you always have to win in an argument?

And if you are on the receiving end...don't be too bothered with how others look at you. I live by this wisdom which I have come across during my school days...

"Keep what is worth keeping, what is not, let the wind blow them off." Afterall, life is short, LIVE and let LIVE!