More frustrations

Now the Science paper is also postponed because the weather forecast said that the typhoon will continue for the next two days. So the city school council has issued statement to have all schools closed. Guess what?
…this is the weather we are having out there now. Does it even look like a rainy day, let alone a typhoon!  Well…..

I can only remain positive and release positive energy to my dear son who has visibly reached saturation point for studying. You know, in economics, there is this thing call, The Law of Diminishing Returns. Basically means once you have reached beyond a certain level of work, the productivity level starts to slide downwards. There must be an end to studying so that one can rest, re-charged and soar again. As usual, instead of sitting here, waiting and reading mails with "will get back to you". I emailed SEAB personally to check when will be the rescheduled date. At least we have a date to work on.

With the impending repatriation and this rescheduled examination....only one word FRUSTRATING!

So sian…..

The Math paper 1 and 2 have to be postponed because of this…

Tropical Storm Haikui is currently 140 miles south of Shanghai, China. The storm generated wind speeds of up to 93 mph, and heavy rainfall, which has caused flash floods. All flights at Shanghai's Hongqiao and Pudong airports have been cancelled. Similar reports from Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Ningbo Lishe and Wenzhou Yongqiang international airports located in Zhejiang.Travekllers are encouraged to contact their airlines for flight-specific information. Flight disruptions and airport closures may last several days.Some facilities have closed. Travellers and employees should check with their local office to determine office status.

We (parents and students) were all eager to finish off the exams so we could have a well deserved break. Now SEAB has to set new questions and courier over. This, I think will take another week or so. Really sian. Poor Kai.

Busy as a bee

Each busy in their little own world

Ann busy with sewing her stuffed toy

Kai busy with his revision

While kids are enjoying their summer vacation, these two are stuck at home. BUT….some fun activities are waiting for them! *WINK*
Chicken pies

Homemade TV dinners. Trying to "stretch" my rice till the very last day of my stay here.