Singapore 7th President….

Just came back from the Singapore Consulate-General office in SH after casting my vote for the 7th President of Singapore. God knows best…may the RIGHT man wins!
Feeling sad….

In the car, on the way home after picking up the kids, I saw this…

A Chinese man was on a motorbike. A dog, pretty big dog. I am not good with the different breeds. It looked like a smaller version of an alsatian. The dog was chained and the chain was attached to the motorbike. Yes, it was a chain, those thick metal chains.  The rider was dragging the dog along. The dog was in agony. The big chain was pulling down his head, his legs could hardly moved. I was angry, I was sad, I was wishing the dog would gather enough strength to give him a good bite!

What is so great in a place where the hearts of men are down in the drain!
A deafening silence…

Summer vacation has come and gone. Kids are at school, the spouse at work. Oh, this deafening silence will have to get use to it again. It is back to me, my little cottage and my duties. Sending kids to school, marketing, running errands, getting dinner ready, finishing all that needed to be done so when the kids are back, they can have my time…

Alone but never lonely.
It's a curry day

Some background to this wonderful day of curries. Cook a pot of curry
To show my solidarity, I too cook, not one pot but two pots of curry together with tumeric basmati rice. 

Sedap! Delicious! 好吃!
A game of chess

I learned to play chess during summer and got thrashed twice by my wee little six-year-old princess, Ann. Oh, how embarrassing but you know something, I love this game! It is about getting yourself into the right position, sizing up your competitor and see them fall one by one. Great strategy game.

We had an old plastic set which was almost 10 years old. Went out with the kids and bought this for S$20+. Neat, isn't it.

A good friend from USA was in town for business and Ann had a game with him too but he proved too strong for her. However, she got precious tips from him. Anyone game for a challenge with mighty Ann now?