Last year we had a beautiful white Christmas and this year we are having a real chilly Christmas...brrr. But whatever it is, the meaning of Christmas is still the same - that Christ came to save us all on this special day. Take a close look at the word CHRISTMAS, it is spelled CHRISTmas. This festive season is nothing without CHRIST. So to all of you out there....

A very blessed CHRISTmas!
When darkness fell

We were left shivering in the darkness.

There was a blackout in our house last night. Strangely, only our house was affected or perhaps it was because we were the only house that was occupied in that section. For close to two hours, we were left without lights and of course no heaters too. In this cold winter, it was like living in a big freezer. We all put on at least four layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm. Trust me, it didn't help. Winter in Shanghai is damp and cold so that makes it really cold and on top of that, strong winds are pretty common.

The engineers from the compound came first, he couldn't solve it, then the engineers from the power house came and they couldn't fix it too...finally just before midnight, the problem was solved and we survived the ordeal. Ann was visibly upset and said it was the worst night for her. Of course, mummy dearest made use of the chance to remind them to always save electricity and never take it for granted.

Well, everywhere we go, there were new challenges to face and I guess, this is one of them!
Winter break, Christmas break...whatever

The children were going to have their Christmas break, some called it winter break...whatever it was called, the kids were just so happy to have the holidays. The school had a Christmas concert and a potluck party for the preschoolers and their parents. Ann was singing at the concert and she has been practising really hard for this special occasion. I must say that she was really good in memorizing that L-O-N-G song.

My contribution for the potluck party. Some kids are allergic to eggs, so I baked egg-less cupcakes with the help from my super assistant, Ann

All the various food. Always a joy to bake (cook) for little humble contribution, standing tall among the rest

Concert day!

There she is, my little princess Ann

She is one year old!

Our church in Shanghai just turned one. Very strange feeling. Nine years ago, Grace turned 50 it was 50 years of Grace. Now, we are in this young church which just turned one and the celebration was held in one of the biggest hotel in Shanghai-Puxi. Lavish? No, if God has blessed the church trememdously, it is perfecly alright to celebrate God's goodness. The church was also able to support this orphanage. The person-in-charge came and shared about how our church has helped the children get up and go back to school. There were much tears that day.

Yes, Glory be to God...through the many months

The worship team and Kai with his team!

Always a joy to watch the little ones singing

Part of the conggregation and the man in the checkered jacket is the man in charge of the orphanage. It was heartbreaking listening and watching a grown man broke down in public. Yes, so Shanghai church pastor always said, "it is so blessed to be able to bless"
When it dropped to -3 deg C...

we have steamboat and lamb stew. That's what the locals here eat to keep themselves we do likewise.

Yes, just the four of us having steamboat. Ann said that was the best dinner ever...hmmm

Hot comfort food. Lamb is often sold together with their skin intact. Cooked slowly with celery, carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes in my beloved Le Creuset pot