Home remedy

Sorry for the blurry picture. You see, I was still double-boiling it when I took the picture.

Talking about self-medicate, making simple home remedy like this one is very effective too. Above all, it is easy peasy. I made this for Ann. She has been having this phlegmy cough only in the morning and it has helped her a whole lot. Even if you are not sick, it is great to eat it as a dessert!

DSC06589 (2)
Half a sweet pear (I used the Korean big pear), a handful of almond seeds, four read dates and some rock sugar. Double-boil for about 1 hour…easy right and above all...healthy!
Look after yourself well

Let me tell you why it is no good to fall sick here. For us foreigners, we usually go to the "imported" clinics with "imported" doctors. Yes, you feel safe and confident enough to know that you will be in good hands BUT…the medicine prescribed  are all local medicine. That's not all, the price you pay is also "imported" price. Just seeing a GP can easily cost you USD150 to USD200. So, what do we do? Self-medicate.

I was struck with a stomach virus. Don't know where it came from? I was home most of the time, ate home-cooked food and I was the only one who got it. The spouse said that it is in the air cos' two of his staff were also having diahorrea. 

I started off taking the charcoal pills, by lunch time, I took panadol because the bones were starting to ache. Managed to drag myself to school to pick up the kids. Then it was downhill all the way, at one point, I couldn't even get up.  After a simple meal of white rice and fish soup, it was smecta and lots of sleep in between. Wah-la…the next day, I was as good as new!  Kai was most happy to see mama well again. He said that sleep is important because that's when the body repairs itself!

One other reason is because mama has been looking after herself well. Weekly exercise, daily stretching and good old home-cooked meals! Doesn't this encourage you to lead a healthier life?
Make things happen

Kai popped a question to the spouse and I… "Can I lead the worship in Sunday School?"

I was pleasantly surprised and so was the spouse. We have not asked him to do it but he felt that the praise and worship time in his Sunday School was not going anywhere and he wanted to help out. I do agree with him. There is a huge shortage of helpers and sometimes, the same praise leader will lead for two consecutive Sundays and they repeat the same songs. *Gasp*. It really upsets me. Firstly, it shows that there is no passion to serve. Secondly, this session of praise and worship is not important, just a filler. If one were to ponder…Sunday School should be a place to nurture and raise up men and women of God. It is not a drop-off center with activities…

As for my son, Kai…we are really proud of him. See something is wrong, don't wait for someone to correct it, be the one to make things happen! I am looking forward to his first time as a praise and worship leader. You go, boy!
Cheese cake again

After watching the Junior Master Chef and making my mango cheese cake, I decided to make a strawberry cheese cake this time.

The company's driver gave us a box of strawberries. They were picked from a strawberry farm owned by one his friends. I made use of some of them to make a strawberry cheese cake. I don't really fancy salty and sweet stuff so I decided to use the mascarpone instead of cream cheese this time. Mascarpone has high fat content but the plus point is that it is also rich in calcium and the taste is so much more pleasant than cream cheese. The result was fantastic!

Really fresh, sweet and juicy!
My very capable kitchen assistant!

The verdict...it will be mascarpone for all my cheese cakes!