What they did this summer?

Nothing much actually. Been busy sending Kai to school and dragging Ann along. So when they have the time, they just have simple fun…

Ann doing her chocolate tart

Super rich chocolate. She made 70% of it. Way to go, girl!
That's how Kai de-stress from all the studies
What great attitude!

Today when I went to pick Kai up from school, a mum told me that she had actually asked her son not to sit for the iPSLE. After all, he already has a place in year 1 in SSIS. She told him the whole family can just go for holiday and he didn't have to sit for it. But her son (also Kai's friend) insisted on sitting for the exams. He wanted to wrap up his primary school education. It marks a closure to his time in  primary school. I was really impressed.

A while later, I heard two mums also talking about their girls wanting to sit for the exams.
To me, it shows maturity in these kids. Exams? Who wants them. What more, a major one! To these kids, it is not just a paper to help them get into a top school, it is about something which they want to do and must do it to close a chapter in their school life. Kudos to their parents too, who are giving them the fullest support!
Didn't make it but all's well

Remember I told you about Kai flying home to sit for his DSA test. Well, the result was finally out and he didn't make it. He was sad, he was disappointed. Took him a few days to get over it. I know he didn't fail the paper but just that the competition was really stiff. About 2000 applicants and only 400 make it through stage one  which was the paper. Stage two will be the camp. Out of this 400, a final 150 – 170 will be selected for the school. Yes, only the best of the best will make it through. No doubt, it was a good school but it may not be the right school for him. Told him to move on.
He was very serious with the paper and he said he really tried very hard. Yes, I know my son but nothing is lost. Every journey, every experience in life is a lesson learnt. You will only rise up better and stronger.