Impacting lives

Two weeks ago, I received a message in my Facebook. It was from my former Sunday School student. A boy whom I taught when he was in secondary 4. I still remember. That class was a known "notorious" class. A very challenging one. Yours truly, being young and restless then, deliberately showed her interest to take on the class. It was very challenging at first but in two years, teacher and students became friends.

He was in Shanghai for a three day speaking engagement recently. He arranged to meet me on the last day before he flew back to SG. I was surprised. Anyway, last night, we had dinner together with the spouse and the kids. Over dinner, he gave the reason why he had wanted to meet me. He said that recently, he reflected and thought of the teachers who have impacted his life and he just wanted to meet me to tell me that I have done so. He was very appreciative.

I was humbled, moved almost to tears. It has been more than a decade that I have taught this young boy and today, he has grown to be an outstanding speaker in his own field. I wouldn't take all the credit. I thank God for the opportunity to teach, to share with young teenagers. I didn't see the fruits then but seeds were sown and lives changed over the years.

Never underestimate yourself. The little things you do for others in your life journey can change lives, can mould lives. Someday, I pray my children will also say that to me or perhaps a president will thank me! *Big grin*

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Here we go…again

Packing is gaining speed. The children are packing away their things in the study room.
DSC07943DSC07946 DSC07944
In another few weeks, the surveyor will come and see how much things we have. He must be in for a surprise. In the email, he estimated two days. When we first came, we only used half the container. When we shifted from the crappy house to here, we shifted and unpacked all within half a day!