Fire crackers
The last time when I saw fire crackers being released right before me was when I was just in primary school. That was really many, many years ago. Today, I got to see it again and together with my kids. What an experience for them.

Ok, ok. I know it was taken from a distance. But do you know how loud it was? It was SUPER loud (easily ranging from 120 to 140 decibels, comortable level for the ears is only 50 decibels). Any nearer, I would have lost my hearing and maybe got burnt too. So, if you would like to come back here again to read, be thankful that I took the pictures from a distance!

I could now understand why letting off fire crackers was banned back home. It was a very dangerous thing to do. Inspite of standing so far away, the fire crackers fragments flew all the way to where I stood!
Go fly kite
Now that the hot season is over and before the bone-biting winter is here, dh and I decided that it is time to go fly kite with the kids again!

As the kids grow older, our parenting style will have to change. Just like kite-flying. When the kids were younger, we hold them tightly to us and as they grow, we have to slowly release them, allowing them to fly higher and higher to reach their full potential. However high they fly, however far they go, they will always know that they can still return to the comfort and security of their parents' hands.
Going to the gym
Recently, dh and I have taken up membership with a local fitness center. No, we are not health freaks but really there isn't much to do here. Taking up this membership also allows the kids to take up swimming lessons with the local coaches. It is a known fact that the Chinese produces some of the best swimmers in Asia. Since we are here, we might as well take the opportunity to learn from the best. At the same time, it will also allow me to take up my pilates once again. A good exercise for my poor back.

I realised that there are two group or people who go to the gym. One group that aspires to gain the six abs and another group...those who love to dress up in the most fashionable sports gear and hoping someone will notice them! As for yours truly, she is there to regain her school days' athletic stamina...hopefully
Long, long holidays
When holiday comes, everyone, from all provinces will flock here. Everywhere is crowded with people and there is little enjoyment. Last year, during the golden week holiday, the four of us made a trip to Chang Zhou, a one and half hour ride from Shanghai. Gosh, it was packed, so packed. After that experience, we learn to either stay home or get out of the country during long breaks.

So on this day, being the Chinese National Day, we decided to stay home and have our mini celebration. When in China, do as the Chinese do...

A four-person bbq celebration! Of course, the happiest people are the kids!