Can still eat it raw

I love street food and I love to try new food. I am basically a foodie. Hong Kong is one of my favourite place for holiday because of their great street food scene. Penang in Malaysia also offers great delicious street food. But in Shanghai, it is not just the street food I will not try, even some of the restaurants can be questionable. But do we eat out? Yes, but not often and we are very careful with our selection even then, things can still go wrong.

Just three weeks ago, Kai was down with really bad diarrhea. We had some food at a restaurant at a tourist belt. We would expect a tourist place to be of a certain standard, unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way.

But sometimes, we do find a gem. Like this Japanese restaurant which we found and have been eating at the place if we are in need of a good Japanese meal. They served the freshest, the cleanest and the yummiest sashimi. Having a Japanese owner who is also the chef helps to make the food really clean as we all know that the Japanese are very strict with food safety.

Salmon and abalone sashimi. No word is suitable to describe the taste of these.
Every little girl's dream

Imagine, you are a little girl, you stepped into a building, a Barbie doll shop greeted took the escalator up to the next level, more Barbie dolls and her accessories. You followed the spiral staircase up to the next level, clothings with all the Barbie motifs, you could even design your own Barbie doll clothings. It wasn't finished. You moved on to the next level and a Barbie theme cafe! Well, that's exactly what we found in the heart of Shanghai city...NO, never an overkill for a little princess.

Guess who was bored at this place? No prize for the correct answer.
The real thing

Talk to any foreigner, 80% of them agree with me that staying in Shanghai isn't the best thing they love to do. Most are driven here by work for themselves or their spouses. BUT, we all agree that we have to make the best out of it, otherwise, it is really miserable.

One of the many things which I enjoy doing while I am here is looking out for local fruits that are in season. I will buy and try them. Scared? Of course, with the huge amount of pesticide sprayed on them, 'chemicals' pumped in to make them look big, fat and juicy... I am worried all the time. But I do trust my gut feel. If I don't feel good about it, if it doesn't smell right, I throw them away immediately. And of course, the necessary precaution has to be taken such as, peel them, wash them, don't buy cut fruits etc...

Since young, each time I have a cough, followed by a bad sore throat, I always self-medicate myself with the 'chuan bei pi-pa gao'. Basically a cough syrup made from the pi-pa fruit or loquat. The loquat is low in saturated fat and sodium, and is high in vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium, and manganese. It is suppose to be good for the throat.

This is how the chuan bei pi-pa gau looks like

The other day, at the local market, I saw the pi-pa fruit. Yes, fresh ones. I have been eating the pi-pa gao for ages but never seen the real fruit. When I saw them, I bought them to try. Imagine having eaten the 'processed' ones for years yet never seen nor tasted the real thing. How could I miss the chance.

They are in season now. The food experts here told me that always eat fruits in season because they are in abundance, cheap and most unlikely to be 'genetically altered'.

These are fresh pi-pa fruits. Taste wonderful when chilled (anyway, who likes unchilled fruits). Soft, tender and very juicy.

Incidentally, the new house which we will be shifting into next month, has a pi-pa fruit tree. Perhaps, next season, I can harvest my own pi-pa fruits. There are also a pomelo tree and a peach tree, all right at my doorstep. Something for me to look forward to, my very own fruit 'farm'.

My posting is going to be few and far in between as I will be busy with the packing, shifting and unpacking on top of my regular schedule. I have moved so many times that I consider myself a professional mover now. Anyone out there needs a professional mover with unprofessional fees? ;)