Comfort food

We will be heading home for Christmas, according to Ann, another seven more days to go (she has been counting down). I have been working very hard to keep fit because, it is feasting time! Still, when we see food which reminds us of home, there is no stopping….

In a cold winter…a cup of hot milo with prata and curry…humble meal but enough to warm the heart. So far, I think this is the best prata in Shanghai!
They will never get it

Kai is having his mid-year exams and Ann is having her continuous assessment. Kids will never understand why mama is so stressed when they are the ones taking all the tests and exams! Haiz…
Real cutie

Bought some gold fish mould for trying out nian gao when I head back to SG. But before that, I must play with it….

These are yam agar agar with a layer of coconut sago. Of course, they are yummilious!
Watching the kids in action

The school had an open house…to see what the kids do during their CCA class.
Ann is in the art class

Kai is in the ceramic class

Yes, both of them are very much into the art. I often remind the spouse, perhaps we should start an art fund!
In her own world

I am very thankful that I have two kids who so love reading. I spend more time reading to Kai than to Ann. Reason is very obvious. Kai was the first child and apart from him, it was still him. Much time was spent going to the library and letting him explore the world of books. I sent and fetch him from school and the best thing about not having a car was that I was reading a lot to him on the bus, on the train and in the cab.

When Ann came, my attention has to be divided between the two of them. Many times, I regretted that I couldn't spend as much time with Ann. Having a brother who reads ferociously kind of influence her. She has also picked up the habit of reading. Yes, I am so looking forward to heading home, at least, there are a lot more books and more choices for them. There will be the library for them to spend the whole day there. At the rate they are going, there will be no more books left for them to read here and no more money for me to spend on myself. *Wink*

Ann in her own world. She didn't even know mama took her picture!

Nothing can do what a book can do. Lifts you out of your life... to a whole new world, whole new perspective... Dave Kellett