First blunder...
This must be my first blunder since Kai and Ann started school. I consider myself a meticulous person. I record everything I need to know and need to do. I always have my shopping/marketing list. I even have a schedule of where I should go marketing for the week. I also make a list of things to pack for each holiday. I also have a weekly menu done up at the start of each week. In short, I expect alot from myself, making sure nothing goes wrong and everything done as proper as possible.

Hahaha, all human beings will fail no matter how prepared you are.

I was still in my dreamland when my handphone vibrated just beside me. Thank God, I am a light sleeper. I don't need sound to wake me up, just the slightest motion, I will be jolted out of bed.

It was Kai's class teacher calling. I tried to sound as awake as I possibly could.

"Good morning, Shirley. Is Kai in school today?"
"Huh, isn't it Monday today?"
"Isn't school starting on Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011?"
"No, not for SSIS!"

SCREAM........I have completely forgotten that school starts on the 3 Jan 2011. Although, it was an official holiday but the school, being an International school could choose to start earlier. I must have recorded 4 Jan in my mind because I have been reading in the news that school only starts on the 4th in Singapore and with my nephews with me during the holidays, always talking about going back to school on the 4th. My brain just remembered 4 Jan.

In record time, I got changed, got both kids out of bed with breakfast taken and dashed to school in less than one hour!
Best airline food
Blame it on me...Kai and Ann do not enjoy airplane food. They often find them unappetizing. But for this trip, they enjoyed the food on board...

Yes, I have to agree with them....Japan Airlines economy. Oishi...and Kawaii neh!!! of sanity
This is our third visit to Japan. Every year, we try to visit Japan. It is like a time of "ommmmm..." Yes, a time for the family to take in fresh air, eat some really good, fresh and healthy food. A time for the family to remember that out there, the world is still nice.
This time, we choose to stay away from the usual place, big city, bright lights. We went to Shizuoka, a prefecture just outside of Tokyo. It is the home to Mt Fuji. We were constantly embraced by the majestic mountain...

Train tickets.

The best way to travel in Japan is by using their train system. It is very complicated but very efficient. You cannot be late. I repeat, you CANNOT be late. Their train arrives on the dot. If it states 7.33am, it really means 7.33am. Not a second later. So, it is wise to travel light in Japan. If you really need to dash for the train, at least you don't have to drag your heavy monster-like luggages with you.

This is the Shimizu train station. Our hotel is just a five mins walk to the train station. See Mt Fuji. Even eating the humble McDonald's breakfast is such a joy cos' you are having breakfast with Mt Fuji

This is the Shimizu Marine Park. Look at the clear blue sky and the crystal clear water. This is a haven comparing to what we have to live with daily in SH

My favourite volkswagon van. A vintage van. These are roadside vendors.

DH buying food from one of the vendors...bbq large sized clams...

and bbq squids. Kai and Ann enjoying their food, a break from mama's cooking

This is the Kashi-no Ichi market. Being near the harbour means lots of fresh delicious fishes and all kinds of seafood are available at reasonable prices

DH and Ann buying some cherry shrimps, they are famous for it

Two years ago when we visited Kyoto, we tried to make a visit to the Bandai factory. We were told that we had to make an appointment and they only allow four visitors for each visit. It was an impossible thing to do then.

This time, we were very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. While we were there, the Bandai fair was going on. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to visit it. Kai was especially happy!

This model was really huge. For those of you who are familiar with Bandai, you know this is really a rare treat

Mt Fuji overload
Everywhere we went, she was there...

While waiting for the bus, she was there. I really don't mind even if the bus was late

We went outlet shopping at Shizuoka. The Gotemba Premium Outlet, the biggest in Japan, is in the heart of Shizuoka, how could we miss it

There was a shuttle bus that came to the train station to pick us up. Free of charge!

No, your eyes are not playing is Mt Fuji with GAP! Yes, we shopped with Mt Fuji

We even lunched with Mt Fuji. Told you, where ever we went, she was there

We went sledding with Mt Fuji too

Can you see her in the background? Sledding in Japan was very different from sledding in US of A. Here the snow is not as fluffy as those in USA but still the kids enjoyed it

Mama had a go too. You have to do what your kids help them see, there is no gen gap! It was good exercise, to burn the fats from all the good food I ate

Food from Shizuoka
Well, when it comes to food, the lesser words, the better it is. So, enjoy the pictures...

Ebi sushi. Such huge prawns. In SG, I think the size is just 1/3 of this. Fresh seafood best eaten raw. Yikes? No, they were.....oishi

Japanese ice-kachang. Ultraman sodas.

Hotpot. Collagen for the hotpot. It was superb

Making meatballs for the hotpot. Fat, juicy deep-fried oysters. Sinful, very sinful

Sushi on Mt Fuji. The one with the cherry shrimps was fabulous

Slurp, slurp...Kai's favourite ramen with pork slices

Fresh strawberry mochi. Finger-licking good but always make sure you chew them well before swallowing

The many faces of Mt Fuji
Enjoy these beautiful sights...

This picture is a bird-eye view from the plane...

If all the great architectures of the world are masterpieces of men, then all the great wonders of the world must be the works of God!