Homemade TV dinner?

We will be heading home and dh will join us later. I prepared some food for him otherwise, he will be feeding himself with the three minutes noodles!

Kai called them homemade TV dinner!

Look out for my next journey...if they get the wireless up and running!

There is one thing which I really enjoy doing here in SH, is to bring the kids to the museums and I am always impressed by their museums. Many of them are very hands-on and the kids thoroughly enjoy each visit. Their museums here make our Discovery center and the Science museum look amateur.

This being the summer vacation, I brought the kids to the newest addition to the Shanghai museum scence...The Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum. Although, not fully completed, it was already a fun-filled four hours for us. We are really looking forward to visiting the museum again when the it is fully opened.

Cartoon characters of all sorts

Simple tools - paper and pencil, that's all that's required

The hands-on part

If you think there are nothing for children to do at Shanghai, think again.