Did someone say, I'm on "vacation"?

When I first became a mum, a good friend of ours gave me a book, titled - Motherhood is not for the wimps. Very funny comic book but spoke volumes of truth.

I have flew home with two kids in tow. Kids that are neither toddlers nor teenagers. Kids that are at the age where they will bicker, not able to help much and full of energy. Constantly, asking, "what are we going to do?" On top of that, moving in to stay in an almost empty house meant, setting up a home so that we all could at least, live simply for the next five weeks. Oh, by the way, dh isn't with us as he has work to do.

Then, there were schools to attend. With such hyper kids, don't expect them to laze around and do nothing for five weeks, either they will be driven to madness or I will be driven six feet underground. That meant, waking up early in the morning, getting no.1 to school then follow by no.2. I am stressed, like what Buzz Lightyear said, "to infinity and beyond."

I think I just found a new meaning to "summer vacation".