Spring is finally here

Spring is God's way of telling us…"I still love you."

Honestly, in SH, I think there are only two seasons. Winter and Summer. Spring and Autumn come and go at lightning speed.

This is what I will see every day during breakfast with the spouse and lunch alone. By dinner time, it is too dark to see anything. So, enjoy while I am still here!
Country Captain

No, it is not a cartoon character. It is not a name of a kiddo restaurant. It is not a super hero. It is…..

Country Captain

Love this rustic dish. This is really easy to prepare and it is simply delicious. If you are a super health freak, you can use skin-less chicken thighs. For me, I think we do need some fats every now and then. I learned this dish from another episode of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay." I tested it out, and yes, passed with flying colours and will be another great dish for the family. Recipe for Country Captain
But you don't have a helper?

This was my conversation with a mama while waiting for the kids at school…

me : Hi, haven't seen you for sometime?
mama : Yes, cos' these days, I come later. Heard you are going home soon?
me : Yes, at the end of the school year, we will be heading home. My son will finish P6 and will start secondary school back home.
mama : Such a hassle to look for school.
me : No hassle at all. We will look for school when we get back. Wrote to MOE, they will assist us. It has been a long while, time to go home.
mama : So, which place do you prefer?
me : US, of course!
mama : But you don't have a helper there?

...errr, hello,  why would having a helper make a place better to live in? In SG, my helper came in once a week. Even now, my helper comes in only twice a week to help me with the ironing which I really don't like to do. 

Honestly, I find it hard to accept the fact that some people need a helper all day long. Kids are at school from 8am to 3.30pm every day. So much can be done during this period of time.   I know of mamas who would just leave dishes in the sink overnight and wait for their helper to come the next morning to wash them. I know of mamas who literally leave everything to their helper…But you know what? When the helper report sick or has to take leave, these mamas will scream for help. At a lost, don't know what to do. I think I will never allow myself to be caught in that position.  Maybe I am a type A person. I need to have things to do, I need to be working. I cannot just don't do anything. It just doesn't work for me. Different strokes, different folks!
No more child's fare

Was looking at some airfares to fly home with Kai for his DSA entry test. I have come to realise that Kai no longer qualifies for child's fare. The child's fare is only for kids from two to 11 years old. From now on, each time we fly, I must make sure that I buy three adults fare and one child's fare. What does this mean?

My miracle number one, my baby boy, my prince… is no longer small. He is now a young man. The way to teach him, the way to discipline him, the way to guide him, all has to change. The string to the kite has to be loosened a lot more but still hanging on to it. I have to allow him to fly further and higher but I still need to pull him back a little when the wind becomes too strong for him. Child-rearing is indeed not for the faint-hearted but having said that, it doesn't mean you stop doing it. Wisdom is the key.

Is it possible to be too helpful? Can our helpfulness actually make life more difficult for others? Yes, if we’re being bothersome, intrusive, smothering, manipulative, or controlling. If the help we are giving is driven only by our own anxiety, we may be just trying to help ourselves. David H. Roper

Yes, something I must constantly remind myself. Being a mom, it is so easy to be driven by anxieties but I got to learn to let go and let God especially when it comes to the kids.
Fight again

Went to Carrefour to buy my groceries today and people were fighting again. I tell you, some people will fight over everything. An egg, a piece of pork, a fish…practically anything.

Almost three years ago, when I first landed here and for the very first time I saw a fight, I almost freak out. I mean, fighting in broad daylight in a supposedly upmarket supermarket. It was almost unthinkable. Now, I take it as a norm. If there is no fight in a week, it is abnormal.

However, what I saw today was pretty dramatic. Apples, vegetables were the "weapons" used. I do not know the cause of it but I guess it has to do with Q cutting because after that, I saw a long, orderly Q.

Honestly, when you go into the heart of the matter, this place has a long way to go, a lot to catch up.

Someone took pictures of the fight, I shall now move to their local site to check out if those photos have been uploaded. *Grin*