Lost treasure

People ask me, how do I managed to move from one country to another. Moving house is tough enough, imagine moving from country to country. Of course it is tough and it is something you learn as you do. The more you do, the more experienced you are. The secret is planning way ahead. Don't procrastinate. I tell you, if you leave everything to the last minute, you will collapse. Since middle of last year, I have already started giving away clothes, books which my kids have classified as "non-readable" (it is very difficult to get them to part with their books) and many miscellaneous stuff.

Today, I found something…
Kai's very first pair of moccasins. We bought it for him when he was two years old. He has long out-grown it but I just couldn't bring myself to give it away. It is such a nice pair of shoes and the workmanship is simply out of this world. Just look at the shoes. It is well-worn but definitely not torn.

These were Kai's and Ann's baby shoes. I framed them up. I remembered the spouse and I were running around looking for a pair of shoes for Ann. It was the eve of Chinese New Year. She has no shoes and we couldn't possibly allow her to go out bare-footed. Finally, at a shop selling baby wear, they had this last pair of shoes on display and we bought it immediately.

Now, you know that I am such a sentimental freak!
Kai in action…part II

Remember I told you that Kai has volunteered to do the praise and worship. He did that and it was a great effort considering it was his first time and his Sunday School classmates said that he was better than the teachers…kekeke

His power-point slides. He did everything himself

Father and son team. The spouse is the person-in-charge of the sound and sight in Sunday School. It was nice to see them working together!
...and mama came tumbling down

I don't know how many steps I missed just know that from walking down the steps, I was soon sitting on the floor with a twisted leg.

Half a 'pai-ka' and it cost RMB1650. *Double gasp*