Not what I must do...

When I need to take off my glasses to read a book and put it back to see a road sign. When I am constantly watching what I eat and what I cook for the family. When I am more concern with nutrients than calories...when I am doing all these, I know I have arrived....not old age but a new term I have learned - the silver agers! People who have hit the BIG 40 and over of course.

Recently, I came across an article about an executive legal secretary who was in her 40s, suffering from dementia. It all started with her not recognising her colleagues, not able to remember on which floor was her office. It was pretty scary reading about her situation. In the past, dementia was associated only with old age. It used to be a sickness suffered only by people who have hit 70 and above. But reading about it also make me more aware of my own well being.

Experts said that we should start taking good care of our brain once we hit 30. Taking care of our brain? We have heard of taking care of our body, our financial health, our family, our children...our brain? Yes, the very important organ in the human body yet least attention is given to it. Imagine having a botoxed face, toned body but the brain ain't functioning!

When I was younger, I used to list down all the things which I must do. But at this point of time, it is no longer what I must do BUT what I must not do...I have come up with ten 'must NOTs'.

I must NOT
- stop praying, the spirit must be kept alive
- stop reading, it lifts up the soul and the spirit and not forgetting, the brain
- stop writing, even if no one is reading
- being active, even if the kids are big, I must keep on playing
- cooking, no greater joy than to have a good home-cooked meal, comfort food for the one you love
- stop doing Kai's Maths. The best brain stimulator!
- stop learning abacus from Ann. She taught me "Impossible is Nothing"
- be an average...I have to be exceedingly and beyond...
- bum around like a turkey but must soar like an eagle
- stop empathising, the world is in great need of love and comfort....

I must remain fit spiritually, physically and mentally...remember, I must NOT be a burden to my children.