Once again, reminded to live life to the fullest

Since young, I have this habit of even reading the obituary page in the papers. This habit carries on till now. Yesterday when I was reading the e-Straits Times, I saw an obituary on a young woman, just 48 years old. The name was extremely familiar. Looking at the husband's name, I realised that she was one of my client. I was doing wedding cards at a design house and I did theirs in the early 90s. It was with a heavy heart indeed to learn that someone so young has passed on.

What can I say but to live life to the fullest each day.

Memories …

never fail to flood your mind when packing.
1994, Our Wedding Dairy. Things-to-do for the big day!

Wah..such obiang gown by today's standard. In 1994, this is super nice! *LOL*

Good old days' report books. The spouse and mine. Loads of cards and letters from friends

Some people like to erase memories. They thrashed all the old things but for me, a sentimental freak, good ones or bad ones, I will keep them. They all make up my life.

...Felt the heat of the sun beating,
Could sense an awe that the past left,
Saw the sheath of life fleeting,
Glimpses of what was there were best
(Sudhir Iyer)
Today is 1 August…

August has never been this good. I am starting my count down. No lah, not for National Day.

Nine days to go before Kai ends his iPSLE. A great soldier, a great conqueror. He has indeed raised a high standard for himself. Three major tests in three months. I think he has reached the saturation point for studying. A learning journey which I hope he will remember for the rest of his life.

28 days to go…an end to my nomadic life, at least for now. The anticipation is something which I cannot describe even using the mighty pen or rather the mighty keyboard. Nice to go back to childhood friends, nice to go back to family's parties which we all dread going (ok, don't bluff lah if you say you have never felt that way). But, I also bring back with me great experiences and great friends whom I have met, whether virtually or physically. Thanks for standing by me.