Very, very early birthday present
My birthday won't be here until end of next month but I have already gotten my birthday present from DH. I was surprised, actually, in a state of shock!

No, it wasn't an HERMES bag or diamond ring. It wasn't a massage voucher nor a fine dinning dinner treat. It was....

Have always wanted to have a good camera with zoom lense so that I could take pictures from a distance, like when the kids are performing on stage!

Apart from my Kitchen Aid mixer, this is the next best gift from my soulmate!
World Expo - Shanghai 2010
Many of our friends have already seen the World Expo 2010 at Shanghai. They have travelled far to come and witness this world event. Yet, we who are staying at the very city that is holding the event, have yet to visit it. The reason why we have pushed back attending this event is because the weather has been very bad the past months and the crowd is simply impossible. Imagine waiting time to get into some of the pavilions is as long as nine hours (Glup).

With the weather getting cooler, we finally braved ourselves to the World Expo. I must say the Chinese did a fantastic job in putting up an excellent show!

...there were many, many more. Last but not least. My home country....

this is where I will always belong!