Chile mine rescue
In case you do not know anything about this event, here is a summary for you.

5 August 2010, 33 miners were trapped when they was a cave-in at the San Jose mine in Chile. It was not until 17 days later that they managed to get in contact with the outside world, informing them that all 33 of them were alive and well. 69 days later, everyone of them was rescued.

I followed the live coverage on BBC news for two days whenever time allowed it. I was moved to tears, looking at each miner being lifted up. The past 69 days must have been hell for them. To be buried 2,050ft underground for more than two months was not a joke. I could imagine how they must have encouraged each other, motivated each other to stay alive.

It would have been easier to assume all of them dead but yet, inspite of the hefty mulit-million dollar rescue operation,
the country, the leaders of the country, the people of the country united together to save the miners. That's the kind of value we all should put on a human life.

In these days, news are nothing but gloom and doom. Terrorism, economic crisis, the rise and rise of unemployment rate, property bubble burst ...filled the newspapers daily. This event celebrates the beauty of human nature - survival, determination, unity, faith, love and the belief that miracles still happen.
Angels watching over us
Yes, I do believe they are.

Today, I almost send the kids to school with food still cooking on the stove. Usually, once we get out of the house, anything the kids forget and it is not important, we will not go back to pick it up. But today, I made the exception. I decided to go back home and get a pack of waffles for Ann and lo and behold, my food was still cooking on the stove. It would be unthinkable if I had just left the house with the fire on.