Inspired by…Juniors

Was watching the Junior Master Chef and was so inspired by their mango cheese cake…
DSC06519 (2)
Yum…MO! Wonder if a durian cheese cake is nice?
Tooth fairy, no tooth fairy, tooth fairy, no tooth fairy….

Ok, this is most ridiculous! Why should a matured woman, mum of two,  be so worked up over two girls, not even ten years old, arguing over whether there is a tooth fairy or not! Ok, I am not talking about myself, I am definitely more matured than that. *Grin*

Let me relate to you…

Daughter LL goes to the same ballet school as Ann. We all stay in the same compound, I have invited her to hitch a ride from us. Last week, as usual, we went for ballet together. So, LL was telling Ann that the tooth fairy visited her…

Ann : There is no such thing as a tooth fairy (maturity! you go, girl)
LL : Yes, there is
Ann : No, there isn't
LL : (turned to her mummy) Mummy, is there tooth fairy?
Mum : Yes, there is.
LL : Yes, there is
Ann : No, there isn't…

So the two little girls went on debating about the topic and soon Santa also came in….
By now, mum (repeat…NOT me) was really tensed and agitated (oh, pl…ease, they are just two little girls discussing), she turned around and looked at the girls and told them to drop the subject!
To me, I think it is perfectly healthy for kids to mentally spar each other. It is intelligent conversation. It is knowing how to speak up for your belief. What's the problem? Ann has always discussed topics like these with her classmates and no one cry at the end of the day. Read this..when Ann was in the USA pre-school, they even discussed 'Apartheid'. Of course, at a pre-school level. I always encouraged my children to engage in healthy debate. They are free to even take me on! When they grow up, they have to learn, to know that not everyone will accept their views. It is not about forcing people to accept what you think, it about letting people know what you think.

To lighten the situation, I turned to look at mum and asked, "so, do you keep all their baby teeth in bottles?"

Mum : The tooth fairy (with a smug look)

Oh God…save me… For your information, she is a beauty. Model perfect look in spite of giving birth to two kids. Chiselled face features, slender body, slim legs (I am not exaggerating ok). But you know something, when you don't have the inner beauty to help radiates the outer beauty…it is as good as nought.

Relax lah!