Here we go again

Rise and shine, bright and sunny day. Not too hot for the movers, great day to move!
The cat has arrived

Garage and family room

Kitchen, dinning and living rooms

Study room and walk-in closet. Big leh, don't envy, not mine anyway. *WINK*

As usual, we didn't fill up the whole container. 1/4 still available for all empty cartons.
Seven young men and four hours later…

Back to the original condition. Soon we will say, "goodbye Shanghai!"

In the night, we were getting ready for bed, it was Kai's turn to pray..."Dear Lord, please let the day we go back to Singapore come quickly..."

Sometimes as parents, we tend to forget that the decision we make affect the kids as well. The decision to return home was made together with the children and we know that it is indeed time to return to the place we call...home. 回家了!

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